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Welcome to the 21st Centurions website! Updates by Stephanie Heike

Aug 18, 2015 Working on various stuff and I haven't had time to update much since I became Executive Editor at AC Comics. Hopfully, I'll be able to add more updates on work on 21st Centurions soon.

April 12, 2012 Updated Monday 02:28 AM EST We have a new storenvy where you can buy back issues of the 21st Centurions comics. We have 11 of the promo trades available with a sketch purchase. These were created as promotional copies and do not have the new material.

Sept 05, 2015 Updated Monday 02:28 AM EST

Again , want to reiterate, the trade paperback is a Diamond Exclusive and we will not be offering it later.

The Diamond DCD item number for the 21st Centurions TPB is: Sept 11 0963 21st Centurions TP New Clear Day. It's on page #268 of Previews #276 for Sept 2015, shipping in November 2011.

The TPB is normally retail priced at $19.95. This site, TFAW also has the TPB for $15.96. 21st Centurions: New Clear Day

The TPB is normally retail priced at $19.95. This site, Midtown Comics has the TPB for $12.97. 21st Centurions: New Clear Day Again, not advocating any particular sites, or verifying whether they have some sort of membership pricing or whatever. Just posting 'em for you. If I find other pre-order discounts, I'll post 'em here. If you find any, hit the contact page and send 'em. -------------------------------

Sept 03, 2011 Updated Sat 12:14 PM EST

The TPB is normally retail priced at $19.95 but Westfield has the 21st Centurions: New Clear Day for $15.96, but I think you have to sign up for a Westfield membership or something.

Also available at Urban Collector for $15.99. Again don't know what their deal/discount program is, just found it on the web. 21st Centurions: New Clear Day

Hey, I just send the books to Diamond, nobody tells me these things! If I find other pre-order discounts, I'll post 'em here. If you find any, hit the contact page and send 'em. -------------------------------

Sept 01, 2011

The Diamond DCD item number for the 21st Centurions TPB is: Sept 11 0963 21st Centurions TP New Clear Day. It's on page #268 of Previews #276 for Sept 2011, shipping in November 2011.

Also, the Centurion Premiere website is up, lots of links still need to worked on (not like the other two sites, oh no!) I'm a comic book artist, not a html expert.

The new material includes the original intro and two other sequences plus bio pages and pin-ups. -------------------------------

Aug 17, 2011

Yeah, I've been busy! In the good news dept, the new 21st Centurions TPB will be out soon, look for it in Diamond Previews. It'll have new "deleted pages', pin-ups and much more!


Jan 19, 2011

Constantly working on something..whether it's the day job comics @ AC and/or freelance comics work (work that pays our bills) plus some commissions--and getting some work in on "spare time" on 21st. -------------------------------

Dec 09, 2010

Wrapped up another 80 page comic of FF (yeah, they've all been 80 pagers since #150) a few weeks or so ago, (mostly lettering and editorial stuff, but I roughed a few pages in there for Mark, who won't do "dynamic" and loves "talking heads" shots. So now it just reads like a bunch of talking head shots. Grrr.)

Then had another freelance thing to do and send out--at least I've got some paying work!

Now, that it's done, I'm back to working on 21st again! -------------------------------

Sept 23, 2010

As I've said before, my current responsibilities as associate editor doing comics at my day job plus freelance comic inking jobs have cut into my "free" time to work on 21st Centurions issue #3, but right now, with the freelance ink job out the door, I'm back working on 21st Centurions (hopefully, unless something else comes up--which it usually does) until the end of the month.

It takes about a day or two for me to pencil a page, that's no problem, but I usually only get a few days to work on it a month, trying to figure out "where did I leave off three to six weeks ago?"

Quite a few of these pages are waiting on my husband to get around to inking them (in-between everything that HE does!) and while I'm waiting...I start second guessing myself and redoing the pencils. Bad habit.

The only question in my mind is whether this will be two separate oversized releases (21st Centurions #3 and #4) or a graphic novel at this point.


Aug 08, 2010

I'm selling my own personal Wacom Intuos 3 tablet on Ebay (I got a Intuos4 which matches my desk, the Intuos3 is gray. Euh!) So, yeah it's up with a few pages of Mark's art. More later. -------------------------------

July 20, 2010 Still doing my editorial day job in the comics biz and working on more freelance stuff.

No, we're NOT going to San Diego and we're happy about it. We know a lot of people that complain that the con's too big and that they can't get any work done not only at the con, but the week before and after the con-- basically all their work grinds to a halt for three weeks because their editors and/or artists are too wrapped up with this silly SDCC convention business, which is basically a movie and tv show convention now, the people in comics just go ou there for a week-long excuse to party.

Well, we'll still here, getting work done. -------------------------------

July 1, 2010 Busy! Got another batch of freelance stuff off to Fed Ex on Tuesday. Back to 21st for this weekend. -------------------------------

May 20, 2010 Have you read the latest comics this week? Are you angry and digusted by current comics? Making an offer good until the end of the month. If you're not a regular reader of our comic books, you can send us a current-in-store Marvel or a DC comic book that you bought and are disgusted with, and we will mail you one of our comics at our expense. Contact us for more detsils. -------------------------------

April 29, 2010 Still have some freelance jobs keeping me busy--a good thing in this economy! Working on the 21st Centurions projects in-between. -------------------------------

March 01, 2010 Extra pages are being added to issue three. We'll be at C2E2 in April. They featured our kitty on their blog site this past weekend.

Meet the Kitty! -------------------------------

Jan 03, 2010 There are two current 21st Centurions related projects in the works. One's waiting on approval, that's all I'm saying. -------------------------------

Dec 04, 2009 Yes, 21st Centurions #3 is still in progress. That's all I can tell you right now. If I posted more than this, I wouldn't get any work done! More details later. -------------------------------

Oct 16, 2009 8:00 PM Reorders on 21st Centurions are going out to Haven Distribution, one of the smaller non-Big Two distributors. -------------------------------

Oct 07, 2009 Car troubles had us on the ropes for a while and I'm ebaying to make up for it. Working and watching M Squad (Mark's choice) taking a break from monster movies and 80's videos. -------------------------------

Sept 02, 2009 Well, the good news is, we have a freelance project on the horizon. This shouldn't mean a delay yet, but we still have our regular work and other freelance jobs to take care of.

Am working on 21st #3 right now, to get it completed ahead of the project. -------------------------------

August 17, 2009 Back on some freelance stuff. Updated the "about" page. -------------------------------

August 04, 2009 No, we weren't at San Diego (as some people have asked). Isn't San Diego just a motion picture/television convention rather than a comic convention now? We will be at Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago. -------------------------------

July 17, 2009 Updated the the preview on 21st #3. That's not final cover art--just a few panels from the upcoming issue. -------------------------------

July 15, 2009 Updated the website and hopefully fixed a few links here and there. -------------------------------

July 13, 2009 Actually working on 21st Centurions #3. The book would be done by now if I didn't have AC and freelance comics work (ie; paying work) to do. If I told you how close the book was to completion, it would be embarrassing, considering how quickly I have to turn around the other comic work that I do in a matter of days.
At least six pages will have to be moved to next issue for space considerations, so that's six pages partially done that don't go towards finishing the book. -------------------------------

May 08, 2009 Working on FF #149--once this is done, I only have a couple of pages to do on #150, which means back to 21st. -------------------------------

Feb 17, 2009 Still working on updates. As most of you know the delay on 21st Centurions #3 is because I've been working on freelance stuff and FF leading up to the landmark 150th issue, which means all of Dec and January I haven't had a chance to do anything substantial on my own book (or on the website for that matter). Got a schedule gap right now, well, as much of schedule gap as I get, so I'm back on 21st Centurions--but with my luck, something new work-wise will come up. -------------------------------
Feb 11, 2009 New Previews of 21st Centurions are live (well, issue one anyway!) Working on the rest--more to come1
Jan 12, 2009--Yes, I'm still here, still working. We've been lucky enough to be getting some freelance work, so it's been nose to the grindstone on other people's comics.

Nov 22, 2008--Been busy doing freelance comics work. Should be back to 21st for a few days by next week.
August 02, 2008--Back to work on 21st Centurions #3, plus fixing a few things on the website. I'm primarily a comic book artist, not a web designer!
June 12, 2008--Welcome to the NEW 21st Centurions website! Obviously some bugs here and there, cause it's new and all. You can find free previews of issues one and two on their respective pages or by clicking on the comics pictured above. Issue 3 is still in progress, waiting on downtime between our other regular comic gigs. We'll be in Chicago for Wizardworld 2008, so drop by our table and say hi! -------------------------------
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